Thousands of cat owners disagree with Ben the Vet on cat breed lifespan

Elderly cats

In a TikTok video below, Ben the Vet presents his version of cat breed lifespans. He has based his presentation, in the short video, on a study about the lifespan of the various cat breeds. I was able to find the results of the study on the website of the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) …

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Origin of word ‘moggy’

Black and white Moggie

There are 2 parts to the article. Please read the entire page as I believe the updating second part to be more accurate but the origin of the word ‘moggie’ is still somewhat up for discussion after all these years in use. The first part is by an appreciated visitor to the site. Michael …

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Domestic cats are struggling to keep up with our expectations in 2022

Selectively bred cat to meet human expectations

There will have to be far more controlled, selective breeding of domestic cats to create a companion animal which is more able to keep up with our expectations than is currently the case. Dr. Bradshaw in his book Cat Sense states that up until about 30 years ago the domestic cat kept up with …

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Certain breeds of cat and purebred cats generally contract FIP more often than mixed breed cats

Birman cat breed

FIP is feline infectious peritonitis; a serious disease. It is progressive, systemic and it produces a range of symptoms. It has a high mortality rate. It is therefore of great interest to people in terms of cat health and welfare. I have a page written in layperson’s terms about FIP which you can read …

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Difference between tabby and domestic shorthair?

Tabby domestic shorthair

As a tabby cat is frequently a domestic shorthair cat, the question doesn’t make sense as it is trying to ask the difference between two types of domestic cat when the two descriptions often apply to the same individual cat as you see in the photograph below. In fact, tabby is the most common …

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Moggies should be bred to be disinterested in hunting

Breeding cats who have no interest in hunting

Let’s think of a brave new world, a considerable time in the future, when people have control over the creation of random bred cats (moggies) and when they might be bred by licensed breeders who focus exclusively on their cats’ character and primarily a total disinterest in hunting. Under these circumstances, perhaps 200 years …

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Mass spaying and neutering might leave us with less nice cats

Sweet kitten

“..the widespread adoption of early neutering by the most responsible cat owners risks pushing the domestic cat genetics back gradually towards the wild, away from their current domesticate state.” (Dr Bradshaw of Cat Sense) Humans selectively breed purebred cats mainly for their glamorous appearance. We almost never selectively breed random bred cats (moggies). However, …

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We should breed non-hunting domestic cats

Hunting cat

Moggies have no place in the modern world. We should breed non-hunting cats. Dr Bradshaw, the well-known cat behaviour expert and author of Cat Sense has suggested that there is no place in the world for the outside domestic cat because they are too good at hunting. They wish to hunt. They need to …

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