Can cats work out the source of the laser pointer dot?

This cat figured out where a laser pointer light came from and it stopped him being interested in the toy.

Can cats work out the source of the laser pointer dot? Some can and some can’t, would seem to the answer. The smart ginger tabby-and-white Maine Coon below did work it out and he is described as smart by his caregiver. He looks smart too. He is one of those Maine Coons that look …

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New hazard to domestic cats: Nerf darts

There is a new domestic cat hazard on the block and it is Nerf darts. Anybody interested in providing high quality cat caregiving needs to be aware of this problem. If you live with a domestic cat companion and have children this is a genuine hazard to your cat. There are some horrendous stories …

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Picture of grandma repairing cat’s favourite toy

Grandma repairs cat's toy

This is a different sort of cat picture. One made for the modern age. An age when the throwaway culture is being questioned and rightly so. These pictures of grandma sewing together the family cat’s favourite is a sort or morality tale in pictures. The moral? Repair and reuse. Try and avoid throwing things …

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