Woman offers $10,000 reward for the safe return of her F1 Savannah cat

$10k reward for return of F1 Savannah cat

This story tells us a lot about ‘exotic pets’ including F1 Savannah cats. The video is useful as it tells us a bit about the owner. She’s lost her F1 Savannah, Mika, when he “ran out the of the house Tuesday March 5th in the Casa Loma area”. This is in Toronto, Canada. He …

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Enormous F6 Savannah cat weighing 24 pounds

Dexter the 24.3-pound F6 Savannah cat

Sixth filial (F6) Savannah cats are meant to be similar to an ‘ordinary’ domestic cat. But I reckon hybrid vigour created a monster. The Savannah cat is a wild cat hybrid as you probably know. The F1 Savannah is half serval wild cat and half domestic cat. But at the sixth filial (6th generation …

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Can bobcats mate with domestic cats to produce offspring?

Can a domestic cat mate with a domestic cat and produce offspring?

The question arises because there was a time in the late 1970s in America when a theory was circulating that the domestic cat breed, the American Bobtail, was a result of a mating between an American bobcat and a domestic cat. This would have been a wildcat hybrid. There are still people who enquire …

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Can domestic cats breed with wildcats?

Domestic cats can and do mate with many species of wild cat

Yes, domestic cats can and do mate (breed) with wildcats. There is a slight complication in answering the question to do with definitions. The word ‘wildcat’ means the species of wild cat called ‘wildcats’! They are one species of small wild cat divided into four subspecies. They are the ancestor of the domestic cat …

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Are sand cats legal in California?

Sand cat

The thing about sand cats is that they look like domestic cats. They look very cute and their appearance gives people the impression that they might make a nice, exotic pet. But this is an impression and it is not the reality, unfortunately. This is a wild cat, just as wild as any other …

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Ocelot-cougar hybrid is viable

There is a nice reference in Wikipedia to a purported ocelot-cougar hybrid. A mating of a puma and an ocelot can happen but in my travels over the internet you only see it happen in an artificial environment. You see it with captive cats managed by people who either deliberately facilitate mating between two …

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Charity calls for ban on breeding of wild cat hybrids

Serval rescued from France

The Wildheart Trust has launched a campaign to ban the breeding of wild cat hybrids. I’m referring to the cross-breeding of wild cats with domestic cats to create a hybrid which at the first generation is half wild cat and half domestic cat (first filial). At subsequent generations there is less wild cat blood …

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