U.S. Wildlife Services tries to maintain a harmonious coexistence between people and wildlife

Harmonious existence between people and wildlife. This is fictional as reality is far less ideal in the 21st century. In fact, it is a bit of a failure very often.

Below is a poignant quote from a famous and seriously committed animal advocate, America’s Nathan Winograd, about the US Wildlife Services. Below the quote there is a list of US Wildlife Services goals. And below that there is my assessment. What is yours? I finish with some examples of conflicts between nature and human …

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Here’s why you should wear surgical gloves when applying cat flea treatments

Wear surgical gloves to apply cat flea spot on treatments to protect nature

This is a short post to drive a point home about the toxicity of cat flea treatments, the most common of which are the spot-on treatments in which a drop of an insecticide is placed on the cat’s skin between the shoulder blades where the cat can’t get at it. This preventative treatment is …

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Foul-mouthed parrots are a draw for visitors and swearing is repeated parrot-fashion

Swearing parrot

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park has a problem with parrots swearing. They’ve been swearing at visitors for a long time. It’s probably very amusing but it may upset some paying customers. And it’s catching. If some parrots swear some other parrots copy it parrot-fashion and so it spreads. P.S. Yes, this is not about cats. I …

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Ragdoll cat the most popular breed in Australia because they are good indoor cats

The Ragdoll cat would appear to be the most popular cat breed in Australia because they are more suited to the full-time indoor life which is what the Australian government wants.

The world knows that Australia has a domestic cat problem! That problem is that some of them become feral cats and the feral cat is the archenemy of the Australian state because they kill native species. There is a big push in Australia to keep cats indoors full-time to protect the said native species. …

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4 Australian cat owner attitudes to domestic cat containment or freedom to roam

A catio improves a cat's personality

My understanding of this study (see base of page) is that there are four reasons why Australian cat owners keep their cats inside their home. And there are five different ways of owning a cat in terms of containing them inside the home or allowing them outside. Australians have the highest domestic cat containment …

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Extraordinary picture of Johnny Depp cradling a young orphaned badger

Johnny Depp at Folly Wildlife Rescue holding a young badger raised at the rescue

Johnny Depp visited Folly Wildlife Rescue, Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom, yesterday. While he was there, he was allowed to enjoy the rare privilege of briefly holding Freddie (named after Freddie Mercury) one of the many orphaned badger cubs that the charity is hand rearing. Johnny Depp, they say, was bowled over by the whole …

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It’s time to bite the bullet and leash train your cat!

It is time to bit the bullet and leash train your cat

You might have been thinking about leash training your cat. You might have been thinking about it for a long time but have been put off by the difficulties. And there are some difficulties. The biggest difficulty is that it requires a lot of patience. However, the need to leash train your cat is …

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