Are caracals legal in New York state?

Pet caracal with domestic cat friend

Caracals, as pets, are illegal in New York state and New York City. I discuss the law below. New York state The following law applies if you are considering having a caracal as a pet and you live in New York State: New York Consolidated Laws, Environmental Conservation Law – ENV § 11-0512. Possession, …

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Instagram celebrity cat being walked on lead in New York Park died when owner was attacked

The attack by a family on Chef Bao Bao in which her cat Ponzu died of a heart attack

NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT), BROOKLYN, NEW YORK CITY: Chanan Aksornnan, 34, Chef Bao Bao a.k.a., the owner of an Instagram celebrity cat which I believe was a blue British Shorthair, Ponzu, liked to walk her pets including Ponzu in Brooklyn’s McCarren Park. Her pets included a dog, a bird and another cat. Comment: this …

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Veterinarian puts ear mites in his ear

Vet puts ear mites in his ear

This is an intriguing story because it illustrates what a domestic cat feels when they have an infestation of ear mites (Otodectes cyanotis). It is going the extra mile and it took a bit of courage for a veterinarian, Dr Lopez, to scoop a gram of “ear mite exudate” from a domestic cat and …

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Awesome woman cares for NYC feral cats all night every night between eight p.m. and six a.m.

Meena Persaud is a unique woman with a huge heart, masses of commitment and stamina and she has a great love of cats. She says that for the past four years she has worked every night between the hours of eight p.m. and six a.m. to care for 550 feral cats on the streets …

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Rescuing the cats and dogs of New York City left behind by Covid-19 victims

Pet rescue NYC during the Covid-19 crisis

It is nice to see the media discussing not only the human victims of Covid-19 in New York City but their cats and dogs as well. A brilliant network incorporating coordinated teamwork has achieved great success in caring for cats and dogs left behind either by deceased owners or those confined to hospitals because …

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Why are Bengal cats illegal in New York City (NYC)?

Suki - Bengal cat

It is difficult to believe it now but Bengal cats are controversial in some places for the single reason that they are wild cat hybrids. They have Asiatic leopard cat DNA in them to varying degrees depending on their filial – how many generations they are from the wild. Some people don’t like the …

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Picture of cat before rescue from garbage chute. Believed someone pushed him down.

Believed that cat thrown down garbage chute, now rescued

This is a cat rescue story from Little Wanderers, a successful cat rescue organisation in New York City. They have a very high quality Instagram page where they have a large number of followers and also where they promote their organisation and fundraise. The story concerns a silver tabby, male cat who in the …

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The uncertain future of New York City’s cats during pandemic

Lisa Scroggins, the founder of Little Wanderers, a rescue organisation under pressure, but remaining successful during the coronavirus pandemic in New York City, is nervous about the future of feral and indeed domestic cats in the city. She said that climbing unemployment rates are affecting the prospects for domestic cats in homes, never mind …

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