Pet food sales are five times greater than baby food sales in the US (2023)

Pet food sales in the US outstrip baby food sales by a factor of five at 2023

I hope I have these statistics correct and if I have, my research indicates that US dog and cat food sales increased 11% in 2023 over 2022 reaching US$51 billion. The numbers come from the pet food industry website. As for baby food sales, the global data website tells me that the market size …

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15 facts about ‘forever chemicals’ in dry pet food bags

Meow Mix bag contains PFAS

Here are 15 facts about ‘forever chemicals’ in pet food bags. The analysis comes from America by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) ( ‘Forever chemicals are known as PFAS (pronounced ‘peefas’). PFAS stands for per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances if that helps you! They are ‘synthetic organofluorine chemical compounds that have multiple fluorine atoms attached to …

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Taiwan’s silkworm cat food versus China’s industrial waste cat food

Silkworm cat food

I think this comparison is reflective of the culture of these two countries. I’ve made a mistake already by calling them ‘two countries’. According to China they are the same country: China. But they have different cultures as shown by their attitude towards making what I have described as ‘artificial cat food’. You know …

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Should we not replace our cat when they pass away in the interests of the environment?

Donnachadh McCarthy

An environmental auditor, Donnachadh McCarthy, states that in order to protect the planet from global warming we should consider not replacing our cat or dog when they pass away because of their carbon footprint. He also states that a lot of companion animals live rather poor lives because, for example, dogs are left at …

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Krill harvested for pet food damages Antarctica’s marine wildlife


NEWS AND COMMENT: Krill are very small crustaceans naturally rich in omega-3, proteins and antioxidants which make them an excellent pet food. They form huge swarms in the oceans and krill is very abundant in the seas around Antarctica. The trouble is that krill are a vitally important food source for many marine species …

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Prospect of water resources drying up affecting dog and cat food manufacturing in US

Global water resources

Water resources are under pressure and it will get worse. Globalisation is putting pressure on overexploited natural resources such as water and energy. It’s getting worse because of human population growth. The planet is finite in size and in resources. It’s only economists and mad people who believe that there should be perpetual economic …

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Pet food manufacturers could provide summer and winter diets (and make more money)

Feline dietary requirements in summer

I’m going to offer the pet food manufacturers a money-spinning idea which has just occurred to me. It may please them because the pet food manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to expand their range. An expanded range is likely to generate more income. For instance you’ve got the oral health dry cat food …

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Some cat food manufacturers regularly change ingredient composition of the same food

ingredients in some cat food changes

This is an interesting report from the PHYS.ORG website about the inconsistency in terms of ingredients of commercially available cat food. You’d have thought that the same cat food that you regularly buy day in and day out was identical but it is not according to a study carried out by researchers at North …

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