Cat Temperature – taking it and conditions affecting it

Taking a domestic cat's temperature

As you might know, the only way to take your cat’s temperature is to use a rectal thermometer. You can use either a bulb or digital version. The digital thermometer is more convenient as it records temperatures quicker and is much less likely to break during the process. If you use a bulb thermometer …

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Pet food manufacturers could provide summer and winter diets (and make more money)

Feline dietary requirements in summer

I’m going to offer the pet food manufacturers a money-spinning idea which has just occurred to me. It may please them because the pet food manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to expand their range. An expanded range is likely to generate more income. For instance you’ve got the oral health dry cat food …

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How can I tell if my cat has a temperature?

Taking cats temperature

If you want to tell if your cat has a temperature you will need to check it with a thermometer. The procedure is quite straightforward but gentleness is the order of the day. If you don’t already have one, buy a standard digital thermometer. You can get them for under £10 in the UK …

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