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The defective whiskers of a hairless cat

Why do cat whiskers break?

This is a question thrown up by the Google search engine. Cats’ whiskers do not normally break. They fall out and a replacement is grown but they don’t break unless, in an otherwise healthy...

Cat whiskers

20 facts about cat whiskers

Here are 20 facts about that special item of feline anatomy: cats’ whiskers. They do more and are more vital than many people imagine. The general view is that a cat’s whiskers are feelers...

Whiskers thrust forward to 'feel' the object in front of him

How does a cat use her whiskers?

This picture of a cobby cat, probably and Exotic Shorthair, with her whisker pads raised shows us how her whiskers are being used to try and feel the object that is in front of...

Cat whisker under a microscope

What are cat whiskers made of?

Cat whiskers are made of keratin. It’s the same material which makes calluses, hooves, claws, horns, feathers, nails, hair and scales. So it is the same substance that makes a cat’s fur coat only...

Himalayan Cat "Larry" with the Dali Whiskers

Can I touch my cat’s whiskers?

The question is for non-expert cat owners. Yes, you can touch your cat’s whiskers as much as you like. In fact you can stroke the side of your cat’s face which means that you...

Cat Reflexes

What happens when cat whiskers are cut?

The answer to the question depends upon how badly the whiskers (vibrissae) are cut. Or if, for example, they are cut on one side and not the other. And we should be clear that...

Do cat's whiskers fall out?

How many whiskers does a cat have?

How many whiskers does a cat have? On average, domestic cats have 24 whiskers, 12 on each side of the nose, arranged in four horizontal rows. They can move forwards when the cat is...

Cat whiskers: 8 interesting facts

Cat whiskers: 8 interesting facts

Here are seven interesting facts about the domestic cat’s whiskers and how sensitive and vitally they are to the survival of the domestic cat if he or she had to hunt to survive.

Do cat's whiskers fall out?

Do cat’s whiskers fall out?

Yes, a cat’s whiskers do fall out. They regrow. They are just like any other hair on a cat’s body in that respect. Although of course they much longer, they are thicker, they are...


Cat’s Whiskers Will Help Surgeons Of The Future

Researchers in nanotechnology have been inspired by the anatomical brilliance of the cat’s whisker. Cats’ whiskers are amazing. They are supersensitive at their base to the point where even small changes in air currents...

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