Do cats accept the touching or petting of their paws?

Cat petting acceptance and rejection road map

NO, not NORMALLY is the answer to the question in the title but there are exceptions. The paws of the hind legs are almost always out of bounds in my experience. More so than the forepaws. But after living with my cat for around 8 years and developing an ever-closer relationship, he likes me …

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Do cats sometimes defecate when scared?

do cats sometimes defecate when scared

Do domestic cats sometimes defecate when they are scared such as when on the veterinarian’s consultation table? The answer quite definitely is yes. I have personal experience of this when I took my then three-legged black, male cat to the vet because of what transpired to be a tumour behind his eye. He was …

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Ticklish cats!

Ticklish cat

Cats can be ticklish. Discuss. We see this quite a lot in videos. Cat owners think that their cat is “broken” because the reaction is strange. I’m talking about scratching along the spine of a cat normally towards the tail and sometimes on a flat spot where the tail begins. There may be other …

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Does a cat’s tail have a mind of its own?

Cat stalking and tail wagging

I am discussing the domestic cat’s tail. Having thought about this for the first time, I’ve decided that the positioning and movement of a cat’s tail is between a voluntary and an involuntary action. Therefore, it does not quite have a mind of its own but neither does the cat have direct control over …

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