Maine Coon hairy feet discussed

Super-long Maine Coon paw tufts

Maine Coons are known for their hairy feet, with tufts of fur protruding between their toes. While it varies among individual cats, there are remarkable photos showcasing exceptionally long tufts of hair extending downward through the paw pads. This results in the fur cushioning the space between the paw pads and the floor during …

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Infographic on the reasons why cats scratch armchairs

Cat scratching furniture

This is a hugely debated topic on the internet and has been for years so nothing new here except this is a free-to-use infographic covering the main points. For me the last point in the infographic is the most important. When the family cat destroys a favorite armchair, I understand the consternation. It is …

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Infographic on points of interest about cats’ paws

Spectrum and cat's paws

Well, I love cats’ paws. As I say in the infographic they are deadly and delightful. They are soft and gentle when at rest but deadly when the cat wants to use their claws because it happens so fast and the claws are so damned sharp as they are sharpened all the time by …

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Four paw pics

Canada lynx with huge paws

Here are four paw pics. The first shows a magnificent example of a Canada lynx. This is a great example of the species. The paws are especially impressive. They are normally large in relation to the overall size but these are amazing. The fur covering the paws is dense and long. The paws can …

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