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Sphynx cats don't have eccrine sweat glands except on their pawpads.

Do Sphynx cats sweat?

Sphynx cats don’t sweat perspiration except from the pawpads just like any other domestic cat with fur.

Touching a cat's paws

Why do cats dislike their paws being touched?

Cats have a refined sense of touch. Their paw pads are extremely sensitive. They are packed with receptors which provide information on what is underneath their paws. Also their claws are packed with nerve...

Canada lynx with huge paws

Four paw pics

Here are four paw pics. The first shows a magnificent example of a Canada lynx. This is a great example of the species. The paws are especially impressive. They are normally large in relation...

How do cats cool themselves down?

How do cats cool themselves down?

How do cats cool themselves down? There are three ways for cats to cool themselves down (1) perspiration (2) panting (3) saliva evaporation on their coat. A fourth is more obvious: cats find a...

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