If child cruelty crimes have doubled in England over five years, what chance for the domestic cat?

In England, child cruelty crimes have doubled in the past five years and I suspect there may be an increase in neglect of companion animals too

NEWS AND OPINION: I have read a rather shocking report in The Times this morning (December 7, 2023). The article tells us that “child cruelty rates have doubled in five years, research has shown”. The information relates to England. My argument is that the domestic cat and the human child are in similar relationships …

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Gabapentin substantially improves adoption rate of shelter cats rescued from a hoarding environment

Gabapentin combined with a behaviour modification program can substantially improve rescue cats' rehabilitation and therefore chances of adoption after being rescued from a cat hoarding environment

Cats living with a cat hoarder are almost invariably neglected. They are often only partly socialised, stressed and unhealthy. After rescue, a substantial percentage of them do not take well to a rescue facility. It may be so bad for them that they stop eating and toileting. They are essentially unadoptable because they’re so …

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Have you ever considered stealing a cat from a neglectful or abusive owner to keep or rehome?

Whitney's cat Boo

In other words, have you ever considered stealing someone’s cat because they are lousy cat owners? I’m convinced that any decent, loving and sensitive cat guardian of quality would, without hesitation, “steal” a cat from an abusive owner. Morally, it’s doing the right thing but technically it is the crime of theft. Legally there …

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