cat skin glands

Cat tongue's showing the spines

The awesome science of the cat’s tongue inspires a novel hair brush

You might know that the cat’s tongue is covered with around 290 tiny but prominent backward facing spines (papillae) made of keratin. Our nails are made of keratin. And cats groom themselves for about 2.4 hours daily. Recent research, using CT scans, discovered that the part of the cat’s papillae are hollow. They researched several …

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Facial Secretions of Domestic Cats

Five different facial pheromones, which are discharged from the glands of the face, have been isolated1. They are as follows (a bit of chemistry for the chemist cat lover): F1 — Oleic acid, caproic acid, trimethylamine, 5-aminovaleric acid, n-butyric acid and a-methovaleric acid. F2 — Oleic acid, palmitic acid, propionic acid, p-hydroxyphenylacetic acid. F3 — …

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Cat Behavior

Intro Sept 30, 2021: This page was written before 2012. I forget the date but it is at least 10 years old. Since then, many pages have been written on cat behavior. Please use the search facilities (top right on desktop) to find them. The Google one is the best. You’re bound to find what …

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