15 facts on cat bunting

Here are 15 facts about cat bunting. It isn’t only cats who employ this form of behaviour. Bunting is sometimes described as head-butting. Bunting is a form of scent communication (communicating through smell which is very important to the cat) and can sometimes take place after the cat has used their Flehmen response (a …

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Cat paw prints – clipart, photos, info.

Mystery cat picture? A grey-skined Sphynx (hairless cat) lying between some bedding with their fron paws sticking out.

A search for cat paw prints can mean one of two things: a search for clip art of paw prints and/or a cat’s tracks left in sand, earth or snow and sometimes rock! Consequently, I cover both topics on this page. Clip art Below I present a piece a clip art that I have …

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The wrinkly skin of hairless cats

Sphynx crinkled or wrinkly skin on top of head

The wrinkly skin of hairless cats is caused by what? I have tried to answer the question but I’m reliant on speculating what I think might cause it. Some people might believe that cats with normal coats have the sort of wrinkled skin that we see in these photographs. However, this simply isn’t true. …

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Why do cats bunt you?

Savannah cat head butt

An alternative and a further question on the same or similar topic might be, “Why do domestic cats head-butt each other?” I believe that if you can regard the scent (pheromones) of a domestic or wild cat as a representation of them in terms of their body odour i.e. their scent, it helps to …

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Why do cats rub their faces on you?

Feline allorubbing

Cats rub their faces on their human guardians to improve the bond between them. Scent glands On each side of a domestic cat’s face there are four glands. These glands are the temporal gland, the cheek gland, the perioral gland and the submandibular gland. The glands produce scent. The scent is used to marks …

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How do cats cool down?

Cat panting to cool down

Domestic cats cool down by: Panting like dogs. You’ll see cats panting when the ambient temperature is very hot and when cats are very anxious in a warm environment which makes them hot because of anxiety induced movements. The usual time I see my cat panting is inside the car when I am taking …

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