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Four desirable Bengal kittens looking healthy

Flat-chested kitten syndrome in Bengal cats

While doing some research on pet health insurance I noted that one insurer increases their insurance premiums because Bengal cats are predisposed to developing an inherited disease (in my opinion) called “Flat-chested Kitten syndrome...

Bengal cat

Pet health insurance claims for the Bengal cat

I have some information provided by Tesco Bank Pet Health Insurance concerning the Bengal cat and it makes interesting reading in comparison to pet health insurance claims for the Maine Coon cat. They are...

Bengal cat - most active with other wild cat hybrids

Bengal Cat Can Inherit Distal Neuropathy

Although I have a page on Genetic Diseases in Purebred Cats (gathered together from reliable and what I thought was complete source material), I have recently discovered that the much loved Bengal Cat can...

Cat nose leather

Should a cat’s nose be hot or cold?

People ask quite a lot of questions about the domestic cat’s nose by which they mean the nose leather or the tip of the nose. Another similar question is whether a cat’s nose should...

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