Housing Cooperative Dismantled Feral Cat Shelters in Authorized Colony

Feral cat colony protected by the authorities

This is a not unfamiliar battle between business and cat colony caretakers. It concerns a housing cooperative which wanted to develop land on which the cat colony lived. The feral cats are well managed and the colony is authorised by the local authorities. The housing cooperative dismantled cat shelters in a revenge attack as their plans were thwarted. please continue reading

Costco’s feral cat starvation plan on Kahului, Hawaii

Costco Kahului Hawaii

It appears that Cosco has implemented a feral cat starvation plan at their facility in Kahului, Hawaii. The management made a U-turn in their attitude towards feral cats on their land. In the past they agreed a TNR program but now they have ordered a cessation to feeding. Employees are distraught. please continue reading