A winter warming shelter/den for feral and community cats

It’s that time of year when big-hearted volunteers like to make little dens for feral cats to keep warm. Some parts of America are incredibly cold in the winter. The organisation Watching over Whiskers (WOW) has an ongoing programme of making cat shelters for their community cats. It seems that a lot of charities …

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Charity which looks after cats belonging to abused women to allow them to leave and restart

Cats Protection Lifeline need cat foster carers

Cats Protection Lifeline is a specialist charity which looks after the cats of abused women which frees them up to escape the abusive home and restart somewhere else. The charity relies on volunteer foster carers to be temporary cat caregivers. It is a very important branch of the Cats Protection charity which is also …

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Kind acts like volunteering for an animal charity beats therapy for depression

Doing kind acts can reduce depression

Depression or just feeling down is not uncommon. It’s part of life. We need to accept it and enjoy the moments when we feel livelier and happier. But if you’ve ever felt blue and I’m sure pretty well everyone reading this has at some stage, the secret to boosting your mood is to do …

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PoC Cat Charity Donation for May

Firstly, my apologies for the late payment. However it is still just inside the month! I read all the comments suggesting various cat charities and on this occasion decided upon an individual who is setting up a rescue operation on her own and seeking crowd funding, a new way of raising money on the …

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Lord Black’s speech on animal welfare in UK

Lord Black’s speech in the House of Lords on 26 March in which he calls for inclusion of the five animal welfare needs in the new primary science curriculum Lord Black of Brentwood: This is earlier page on the debate. I want to talk about animal welfare and its place in the national curriculum, …

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PoC Comment Charity Scheme – August Donation

It is the time to write about a charity donation funded by the PoC Comment Charity Scheme. Before I address that subject, I’d like to mention the £100 donation made by Marc Poberejsky, a regular and well-regarded contributor to PoC. Marc’s Donation Not long ago, Marc made an extremely generous donation of $1000 in …

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