Do cats shiver when they are cold?

Stray ginger tabby survives Quebec winter and comes in from the cold

The question seems simplistic and the answer obvious but I have never seen my cat shiver even when outside in very cold temperatures. Perhaps the fact that the domestic cat is well protected against the cold with their fur coat is a reason why they shiver infrequently. For the true feral cat matters will …

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How do I know if my cat is cold at night?

Is my cat cold at night? Yes, possibly if the ambient temperature is cold and there is nothing to keep him warm.

You know that your cat likes warmth. The corollary is that he dislikes the cold. You know that your cat likes to lie in a sunny patch on the floor by the window. Or a warm patch on the kitchen floor because you have underfloor heating (see picture below). You know that your cat …

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Pallas’s cat in snow warms up their forepaws by placing them on their tail

Pallas's cat places its tail under its forepaws to keep the paws warmer when on snow

The question in this neat, short video from the Reddit/Imgur website is whether all Pallas’s cats (‘Manul’) keep their forepaws warm by placing their tail under them when they are sitting on snow. It looks like a very deliberate, automatic act. My thought is that this happens all the time for Pallas’s cats because …

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Home-made cat shelters should not be too big

Home-made cat shelter

This is something which has occurred to me for some time. My thoughts have been renewed by the stories of extreme weather conditions in Texas causing very low temperatures and snow storms. Feral cats are at risk of frostbite and perhaps death. Volunteers engaged in TNR programs will be helping them where possible. Sometimes …

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Let’s think of the feral cats during the exceptionally cold Texas weather

Feral cats in winter are vulnerable to harm

The exceptionally cold Texas weather catastrophe is a global warning. They say that it is a sign of global warming. Fortunately and thankfully the forecast for Houston Texas is that conditions are rapidly warming up this weekend. Temperatures get back to about 20°F. But over the past days I’ve been thinking of the feral …

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Do domestic cats feel the cold and how cold is too cold?

Domestic cat in the cold

Well, domestic cats must feel the cold, common sense tells us that because domestic cats like warmth and they seek out warmth such as laps and boiler rooms. That said domestic cats allowed outside might spend quite a long time outside in near freezing conditions when, for example, watching for mice in a area …

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