Infographic on flat-faced Persian health as per Dr Fogle DVM

Flat face Persian health

This information on the health issues suffered by the flat-faced Persian because of poor and extreme breeding (as per breed standard) comes from Dr Bruce Fogle’s book Complete Cat Care which I have presented in an infographic for ease of reading. In addition to the items listed, the flat-faced Persian suffers from a high …

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Sphynx cats have a higher prevalence of certain ocular diseases compared to other feline breeds

Corneal sequestrum in a Persian cat

Introduction A lot of this was written by ChatGPT by the way, an AI chatbox owned by Elon Musk. The man is a genius and a super-workaholic. I am always interested in inherited diseases of purebred cats because I like medical stuff and I strongly disagree with cat breeding if it depends on inbreeding …

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Domestic cat with no reproductive organs (a world first?)

Hope a rescue cat with no reproductive organs

A domestic cat with no reproductive organs (a world first?) has popped up. This charming cat who looks female has been described as ‘gender neutral’ but reproductive organs are not the sole measure of gender. True or false? The Telegraph have a headline about a “gender-neutral” cat born with “no sexual organs”. I don’t …

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Feline ‘freckles’ (9 facts)

Feline freckles on a ginger tabby which upsets the owner

Here are 9 facts about feline ‘freckles’ aka lentigo. Lentigo can infrequently cause alarm in cat owners. One asked on social media: “What is this all over my cat’s nose and mouth? And are there any possible treatments?”. They were referring to their ginger cat above. The words come from a user, and …

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