Questions to ask yourself before adopting a cat

Should I adopt a cat?

Perhaps the most important moment in cat caregiving is before you start. It’s asking yourself a range of tough questions to check whether you are in a position to do justice to caring for a domestic cat companion. It is tough because instinctively you want to adopt a cat or a dog. Perhaps you’ve …

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What cat is right for you? Infographic plus more.

What cat is right for you?

The Infographic is really about my preferences which might not square up with yours. But whether you disagree or agree with my selection, I don’t think that you can disagree with my logic. There are many competing influences when deciding what type of cat to adopt. But common-sense dictates that before you even get …

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Infographic on being sensible before adopting a cat companion

Be sensible before adopting a cat

The title is self-explanatory. The topic lends itself to an infographic as these are bullet point reminders. Some are obvious and some less so. Perhaps the most important part of cat adoption is before it takes place. The preparation. The budgeting, the research, the honesty is assessing whether one is genuinely in a position …

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When buying a purebred cat NEVER BE SCAMMED if you do this

Written contracts prevent scams

There are too many opportunities for the seller of a purebred cat to scam the buyer. Sometimes buyers purchase a purebred cat remotely, online. They don’t see the cat that they are buying in person but through a photograph. The seller might promise this and that. There is often no written contract. The seller …

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Buying a cat or dog with a loan at 150% interest

Prohibiting the purchase of cats and dogs using high interest loans

NEWS AND COMMENT: MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, USA: It is sad to learn that people in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (and elsewhere) sometimes buy cats and dogs with a high interest loan. I can understand why. They want to adopt a cat or dog and they want that animal to be purebred and good-looking. But the …

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