Volunteer ‘steals’ well-behaved shelter animal to save his life as he was listed to be ‘euthanized’

Goofy 'Pursuit' with one of his toys

NEWS AND OPINION. This is an opinion piece based upon a good news story from the viewpoint of an animal advocate. In fact, perhaps from the viewpoint of anybody who likes to see fair play, justice and the humane treatment of animals and particularly shelter animals. I have to say, that this story is …

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Buying a cat or dog with a loan at 150% interest

Prohibiting the purchase of cats and dogs using high interest loans

NEWS AND COMMENT: MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, USA: It is sad to learn that people in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (and elsewhere) sometimes buy cats and dogs with a high interest loan. I can understand why. They want to adopt a cat or dog and they want that animal to be purebred and good-looking. But the …

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How many cats can you own in PA?

Map showing PA

As I understand it and having searched for the relevant statute, I cannot find any legislation which specifically limits in clear terms the number of cats or dogs that a citizen of Pennsylvania (PA) can own. The reason is because state legislators don’t want to impose these sorts of property owning restrictions on people. …

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Woman Charged With Poisoning Cats Hardly Punished At All

Jennifer Oustrich going to court

Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, USA: I wrote about Jennifer Oustrich in Aug 2018. She’s a landlord and didn’t like stray cats around her properties so left out poisoned bait and allegedly killed 2 cats. She was charged with a felony – a serious crime. However, she was not tried for this crime but was sentenced …

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25 cats seized from hoarding situation in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Twenty-five cats were seized from a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania hoarding situation Thursday morning by Pet Pantry of Lancaster County. The home was later condemned. This is a heartbreaking situation, as stated by Dr. Bryan Langlois, the Pet Pantry’s medical director in an interview with Lancasteronline.com “”It is always sad in some ways when you …

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