Pet stores in America are unfeasible unless they buy from puppy mills

A pet dog bought from a puppy mill at Perfect Pets in Centennial in Aurora

Joyce Cohen who sits on the advisory board of the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act of, I believe, the Aurora City Council, said that pet stores are simply unviable i.e. they can’t make enough money if they don’t buy puppies and kittens from “puppy mills” which is a reference to irresponsible breeders with a …

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Buying a cat or dog with a loan at 150% interest

Prohibiting the purchase of cats and dogs using high interest loans

NEWS AND COMMENT: MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, USA: It is sad to learn that people in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (and elsewhere) sometimes buy cats and dogs with a high interest loan. I can understand why. They want to adopt a cat or dog and they want that animal to be purebred and good-looking. But the …

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Business beats animal welfare in Colorado

Business beats animal welfare in Colorado, USA

COLORADO, USA – DENVER POST REPORTS: A law designed to stop puppy and kitten mills supplying pet stores has been dropped because ‘we cannot be anti-business’ in the words of Republican Richard Holtorf, who sits on the Colorado House Rural Affairs and Agriculture Committee of the legislature. No doubt the bill was intended to …

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Cat shelters become unregulated ‘commercial suppliers’ to pet shops in California

Clowder of rescued cats

The new Californian law which makes it obligatory for pet shops to obtain supplies of animals from shelters and rescues (as opposed to puppy and kitten mills) has had an unforeseen consequence, namely that shelters which are unregulated have been thrust into the supply chain to provide regulated pet shops with pets. Animal shelters …

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Pet shops in Encinitas, California must only sell cats and dogs from shelters

Pet shops in Encinitas, California must now comply with a new ordinance (law) which makes it obligatory for them to only display and display cats and dogs from shelters or non-profit humane societies. Selling cats and dogs produced at commercial breeders is illegal. There is a growing trend for this sort legislation and very …

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Pet Shops Should Only Offer Rescued Animals for Adoption

Pet shops should sell pet related products and any animals in their stop should be rescue animals so that one (the products) complements the other (the rescue animals). ย This is the ideal that animal advocates seek. Although this high goal has not been achieved in Connecticut, Gov Malloy commemorated the signing-off of an animal …

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