‘Don’t get a puppy or kitten if you can’t treat them like actual beings’

Dog begs to be adopted by neighbour as they are fed up with the bad caregiving and the cold environment they live in.

The words of the title are not mine. They come from a social media user. The woman, Mona, wrote a story about a dog that begged to be adopted by the owner’s neighbour – her husband. The picture was taken by her husband as the dog was pleading. You know the old adage that …

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Cat owners that look like their cats

Woman looks like her cat

It is said that pet owners can and sometimes do look like their pets and I am referring to cats and dogs. This topic is normally discussed in relation to dogs. Research has been carried out on why dog owners look like their dogs. It’s been scientifically proven that they can and they do …

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Buying a cat or dog with a loan at 150% interest

Prohibiting the purchase of cats and dogs using high interest loans

NEWS AND COMMENT: MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, USA: It is sad to learn that people in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (and elsewhere) sometimes buy cats and dogs with a high interest loan. I can understand why. They want to adopt a cat or dog and they want that animal to be purebred and good-looking. But the …

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Covid saved the lives of 4 million companion animals in the USA

Empty shelters thanks to Covid and increased adoptions

It’s an extraordinary twist of fate; Covid has saved the lives of about 4 million companion animals in the USA. This is because of soaring adoptions during the pandemic. The information relates to 2020 so it’s a bit out of date and I can’t find current figures. I would expect the current figures to …

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Unbelievable: UK households buy 3.2 million animals in lockdown

Social isolation during coronavirus lockdowns have encouraged people to adopt new pets

Online news media reports that a £500m investor plans to cash in on the cats and dogs boom. What boom? The coronavirus cat and dog boom. It’s bizarre and frankly disturbing if it takes a pandemic to provoke people who’ve not had a pet cat or dog before to dive in and adopt one …

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Pet insurance in the UK is becoming unaffordable

There was already a resistance to taking out cat and dog health insurance because it is not perceived as being good value for money by a significant section of British society, but it’s getting worse because the insurance companies are putting up the premiums quite significantly and some of the prices quoted are astonishing. …

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Don’t vote for Trump if you are a genuine animal lover

Even animals hate Trump. Author of montage unknown

Hal Herzog PhD writing for the website Psychology Today questions whether Americans really are animal lovers despite 65 percent of households having a companion animal. He argues that you should follow the money to decide whether pet loving Americans are genuine animal lovers. Whereas about $600 million is spent on saving animals, $300 billion …

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