Wonderful photo showing the indomitable spirit of Ukrainian women and their cats

Karkiv Metro home to 800 Ukrainians including from left to right Olga Mospan, Zoya Demchenko and her daughter Natalia and cats Basikand Kuzia

This is a wonderful photograph by Richard Spencer for The Times and it is published here via Getty images and Narcisco Contreas/Anadolu Agencies. I hope that they allow me to publish the photograph on my website. I would claim fair use but I am in their hands. These three indomitable women and their two …

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Ukraine war: striptease champion saves up to 30 cats a day from destroyed homes

Alexei Surovtsev and rescued cat

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a mind-blowing effort from a man who has become a hero. From a man who it seems to have found his true purpose in life; to save the abandoned vulnerable animals of Ukraine during this terrible war. He operates in Irpin. Alexei Surovtsev is a reality star and a …

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Two cats found safe after ‘hero cat’ warned family of fire in a home with no working smoke detector

hero cat

A Grand Rapids, Michigan cat is being credited for saving the family from a fire that broke out in the home. There was a smoke detector in the home but it wasn’t working because it hadn’t been installed. Two of the family cats were reported missing, including the hero cat. Both have been reunited …

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Heartwarming photo of a Russian firefighter holding one of the 300 cats rescued from a burning animal shelter

russian firefighter

Russian emergency workers in St. Petersburg performed a heroic rescue on June 14 when they rescued hundreds of cats and several dogs from an animal shelter. Take a look at the heartwarming photo of a Russian firefighter holding one of the 300 cats rescued from the burning shelter. The fire started Friday on St. …

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Two cats rescued by FDNY from five-alarm fire in Brooklyn

Two cats were rescued on Saturday morning by Fire Department New York firefighters in Brooklyn after a five-alarm fire broke out. The fire left three firefighters and one civilian with minor injuries. Look..I just love this photograph. A couple of firefighters carrying two cats in a cat carrier down the street. It’s got compassion …

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11 young cats are safe after they were found in an alley in sealed boxes

Eleven young cats are safe after a lady returning from work in the UK noticed several sealed boxes in an alley in Stratford and knew something was wrong. As she walked toward the boxes she heard meowing and contacted Celia Hammond Animal Trust and asked for help. Facebook: Celia Hammond Animal Trust told the story …

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California wildfires: This story shows just how intelligent a cat can be during life or death emergencies

While this story is a bit older than I usually report on, it deserves being told because it shows just how intelligent a cat can be during life or death emergencies. I do have a discussion question at the end. Back in November, one intelligent feral cat saved her own life as well as …

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