Greenville County animal trapper has been charged with animal abandonment after he allegedly trapped several cats then dumped them

Trapped cat - feral? Stray? Or Domestic?

A well-known Greenville County animal trapper has been charged with animal abandonment after he allegedly trapped several cats from a gated Simpsonville community and dumped them to fend for themselves. According to a Simpsonville police report, Johnny Bullington, who runs … please continue reading

Cats found in bins on the side of central Alberta highway weren’t abandoned after all

It’s now known that two containers of cats found on the side of a highway in central Alberta weren’t abandoned after all. The man who initially reported the cats and reached out to Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society has recanted … please continue reading

Australians and New Zealanders Need to Do a Study on Abandoned Domestic Cats

Find out how many cat owners in Australia are abandoning cats

I think it might be useful if the New Zealand and the Australian authorities did a study on the number of abandoned cats in their countries as a means to assess whether they need to take proactive steps to prevent the creation of feral cats rather than just focusing on eliminating them. please continue reading

Update: Samson shows signs of internal injuries consistent with physical blows or violent tossing

Update July 14 6 p.m. Samson came through surgery and is responding well to medication and treatment. He’s expected to return to his foster mom within a few days and his vet is confident he’ll make a complete recovery. Please … please continue reading

Samson: Cat dumped in NC with little food and no water now safe in foster care after being trapped Wednesday

Update article here. After being abandoned in Monroe, North Carolina with little food and no water back on June 22, Samson has been found alive! His story was posted here on PoC, as was the arrest of the heartless owner … please continue reading

Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office investigating hoarding case after cats found dead and dying in Fayetteville home

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a case of animal cruelty in Fayetteville, North Carolina after dead cats were found in a mobile home in the 200 block of Redfish Drive off U.S. 301. The police were alerted to … please continue reading

Make a formal complaint to the Munroe, North Carolina police over the abandonment of a cat named Samson

Make a complaint to Monroe Police to force them to take action in cat cruelty case

Making a complaint to the Munroe Police Department in North Carolina is reasonable in this instance….Let’s do it… You may have read Elisa’s article about the abandonment of a cat called Samson. The woman who abandoned the cat made an … please continue reading