UK vet warns that people are shooting their dogs as they can’t afford vet bills

David Thompson

A UK veterinarian with over five decades of experience has raised concerns that some dog owners are resorting to shooting their pets due to the inability to afford soaring veterinary costs. This increase in prices is attributed to many clinics being acquired by conglomerates, transforming them into chains rather than independent practices. The veterinarian …

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Scandalous abuse of cats and dogs at The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank (TVBB)


I don’t know where to start this story as it is so big and distressing. It is yet another story of how humankind finds another way of abusing animals this time under the guise of doing something good namely providing blood to veterinary clinics. The blood comes from The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank (TVBB). A …

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American veterinarian criticises fellow vets for doing non-essential surgery such as declawing and tail docking

Dr Mike Petty DVM

Michael Petty DVM is a graduate of the veterinary school of Michigan State University. He owns the Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital. In an article which has been posted on Facebook, he criticises his fellow veterinarians for conducting non-essential surgery: cat declawing, dog tail docking and ear cropping. It is very rare for a veterinarian …

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Veterinarian’s hypocritical statement about cat declawing is breathtaking

Declawing cat

The hypocrisy of Dr. Joanne Carlson DVM is breathtaking. She is the President of the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association. She is pushing back on a proposed law that would ban declawing in Illinois. Veterinarians normally do pushback when politicians propose a declawing ban because declawing is a good revenue stream for the vets. …

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Is it legal to declaw a cat in PA (plus more info)?

Pittsburgh city council at work

Yes, it is legal to declaw a cat in PA except in Pittsburgh where it is banned. This is the state’s second largest city with an estimated population of 310,000. For international readers who are unsure ‘PA’ is short for the US state of Pennsylvania. Its capital is Harrisburg. It is a shame Harrisburg …

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Convenience euthanasia of pets is in breach of a veterinarian’s oath

Veterinary clinic operating theatre

Dr John Bradshaw writing on the Psychology Today website stated, “Or even (as does happen) take the cat to be euthanised by a vet before she departs, knowing that it would be easy to obtain a replacement from a shelter when she eventually returns?” He is referring to a cat owner (and it could …

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Let’s say it: Doctors who declaw cats are EVIL

Photographed after the declawing operation at the clinic referred to on this page.

Strong words. Are they accurate? The word ‘evil’ means ‘profoundly immoral and wicked’. There is no doubt in my mind that to unnecessarily amputate the tips of ten toes, for the cat owner’s convenience, is wicked especially as it is done by a professional, educated person who should know better and who has sworn …

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Cat presented for laser declaw and we found a rubber band around the tongue

This photo and caption reminds me that cats deal with discomfort and pain with great stoicism. We can’t assume our cat is not in discomfort. This cat was at the Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic, USA for a laser declaw (more on that below) and by chance the vet spotted that the tongue had been …

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