Flexor tenectomy can reduce pain in declawed cats

Declaw repair surgery

Dr. Ron Gaskin DVM has commented on my website about an article that was written many years ago on his declaw salvage surgery, a procedure which has become well known in America. He performs a great service to alleviate the pain of declawed cats. For animal advocates he is a standout vet above almost …

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American veterinarian criticises fellow vets for doing non-essential surgery such as declawing and tail docking

Dr Mike Petty DVM

Michael Petty DVM is a graduate of the veterinary school of Michigan State University. He owns the Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital. In an article which has been posted on Facebook, he criticises his fellow veterinarians for conducting non-essential surgery: cat declawing, dog tail docking and ear cropping. It is very rare for a veterinarian …

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Another graphic picture of cat claw regrowth after declawing operation

Declaw regrowth of the dewclaw after dewclawing operation

On November 8 2017 I posted some pictures of the regrowth of a cat’s dewclaw after it was removed in a declawing operation (as were the other claws). Remember this is not ‘declawing’ per se. It is a partial amputation of each toe from the last knuckle. That page got 56,000 shares. So people …

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The Paw Project-Utah Partners with Rescues to Increase Adoptions

Many shelter cats are less likely to be adopted because they have behavioural problems such as improper urination, hiding and biting due to being declawed. The Paw Project-Utah (PP-U) has recognized that these cats need an assessment of their damaged paws followed by repair work where possible with the objective of dramatically improving their …

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PoC Pays $200 For X-rays for Declawed Cat

This website makes a donation every month to a cat charity. The amount is based upon the number of comments at $.05 per comment. March’s donation has been carried over and combined with April’s donation, which at $.05 per comment works out at around $250 (USD). The calculation is based upon 2,536 comments for …

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Declaw Salvage Surgery

Declaw salvage surgery occurs when a vet repairs the damage done to a cat by the declaw surgery of another vet² which usually entails the removal of the last phalange of each of the ten toes of the forepaws of the cat. The world’s best known veterinarian who does declaw salvage surgery is Dr. …

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