One Thousand Lions Shot For Pleasure Annually in South Africa


South Africa is not sufficiently interested in animal welfare. The country’s authorities and the businesses in that country are simply more interested in making money out of the wild species which happen to inhabit the country and this, of course, includes the lion; the animal which is most abused and exploited. The president of …

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Over one million people sign petitions seeking justice for Cecil the lion

Petition against Walter Palmer

In two online petitions, over one million people (1,033,000 at this date) have signed up to seek justice for Cecil. In addition, over £230,000 has been donated to the University of Oxford project (WildCRU) which was engaged in studying Cecil’s behavior until it was brutally terminated by Walter Palmer. In the first petition, over …

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Conspiracy theory: Walter Palmer was stitched up by conservationists

I have decided that it is just about possible that Walter Palmer, the instantly infamous dentist and father of two from Minnesota who took pleasure in killing Zimbabwe’s most famous male lion, was stitched up by the guides who led him into shooting Cecil, the lion, outside of his protected area, a national park. …

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Lion cub fed a mixture of yogurt and bread to keep him small

This is the story of Magnus, a lion cub. He was an abused lion cub. There are many. Lions are bred for commercial purposes such a photo-shoots and canned hunting. Magnus was born in captivity. Soon after he was born he was separated from his mother. He was abused as a tourist attraction at …

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