Petchems have cynically misled the public for decades about recycling plastic

Plastic pollution is everywhere on the planet and the petrochemical companies need to step up to the plate and do their bit to save the planet from this crisis which is poisoning all of us and our companion animals.

I am driven to believe that as a race we are doomed. What I mean is humankind is doomed if big business disregards the health of the planet in the interests of their financial profits and to the extent that they will deceive and try to pull the wool over the eyes of the …

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Bottled water or tap water for your cat?

Bottled or tap water for your cat?

What is better for your cat? Bottled water or tap water? The article applies to developed countries in the West. Decisions about providing water for your cat can be complicated; perhaps overcomplicated. There is, though, a debate about bottled water versus tap water, which has been dramatically altered by a recent research project about …

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2 alternatives to plastic litter trays (thinking of health and environment)

2 alternatives to plastic litter trays

This is a quick note about the possibility of bacteria and other pathogens being harboured in plastic litter trays. Quite a lot is spoken about bacteria being harboured in plastic feeding bowls. The recommendation for feeding bowls is to buy ceramic or metal to deal with this potential problem. And it occurred to me, …

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What about domestic cats ingesting microplastics?

Small Plastic pellets on the finger. Micro plastic air pollution

If adult humans consume between 39,000-52,000 microplastic particles per year (I am not speculating, see study) and if infants have more microplastic particles in their faeces than adults what about cats and dogs? How many microplastic particles are cats consuming or breathing in per year? Microplastics are sometimes referred to as PET microplastics. PET …

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Domestic cats sometimes lick and eat plastic bags because they are made of cornstarch

Maine Coon licks and chews plastic bag full of potatoes

Sometimes domestic cats like to chew or lick plastic bags. It looks troublesome but the more likely reason is that the bag is made of cornstarch which is edible. The bag is also biodegradable. Nowadays they even make bags which are fit for human consumption and they can be broken down into a liquid …

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Are cats inhaling micro-plastics from plastic litter trays?

cat uses litter tray

Background It is emerging that micro-plastics are a major international hazard to the health of people and wildlife. Tiny particles of plastic are shed by clothing during washing which find their way to the oceans and anywhere else. I’m sure that all humans have micro-plastics inside them. There are many reasons one of which …

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Are there tiny plastic particles inside our cats?

Plastic inside our bodies

NEWS AND VIEWS: The Times reports today that plastic pollution has been detected inside the human body. My initial thought was if humans have plastic deep inside their bodies because they are ingesting foods which contains plastic then what about our pets; our cats and dogs? The original source of the food is the …

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