A lesson about getting a veterinarian’s second opinion before surrendering your cat

Dean who was misdiagnosed by one vet as being in good health but another vet diagnosed a large bladder stone causing him to urinate outside the litter box

I don’t know much about this first case of inappropriate elimination in this article but I feel it is important to report it. The story comes from Quora.com and the first posting is from a person who asks, “Should I get rid of my cat?” The owner, in exasperation, was asking Quora.com users about …

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Do cats apologise to their owners when they’ve done something wrong?

Do cats apologise?

A ‘veterinary expert’ in Miami, USA, Nuria Gómez Constanzo, believes that cats apologise to their caregivers when they’ve done something wrong. They understand they’ve done something wrong and then they try and make up by rubbing against their owners and being extra friendly towards them as their version of an apology. My conclusion at …

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Cat licks your passive hand and then suddenly bites it hard. Explanation.

Cat bites hand

My conclusion from my discussion below is that domestic cats can get confused when they are licking their owner’s passive hand at a time when there is no petting and relate to the hand as food, perhaps a prey animal and bite it. It is an instinctive mental aberration brought about because of conflict …

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Why does my cat bite his tail (to the point of injury)?

Cat bites tail vigorously

Here’s the deal: you can’t answer the question in the title in an article on the Internet. The problem is too deep and too complicated to do that. The answer depends upon observing the cat and looking at the conditions under which they behave and the circumstances of their self-mutilation plus medical diagnosis. And …

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5 reasons for attention-seeking in cats and how they might achieve it

Attention-seeking meow of gargantuan proportions

When a cat seeks attention, they meow and/or attract attention through contact. That is pretty obvious but what is perhaps not quite so obvious is that each individual cat has developed their own version of the meow to be effective under their particular circumstances with their human caregiver. The good cat owner develops an …

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5 reasons why mother cats kill their kittens

Belly up sleeping is in the family

People ask why mother cats kill their kittens. Here are five possible reasons. The first general point to make is that inexperienced mothers are more likely to kill her kittens. And stress plays a major role. There may also be genetic problems leading to behavioral and hormonal issues. The first possible reason why a …

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How to train your cat to roll over

Clicker training a domestic cat using a clicker and food reward to do the roll over

There is quite a lot of informal training taking place on an ongoing basis in a cat household both from cat to person and person to cat. Training a cat to do something specific is not that unusual. It is an extension of what is already happening. Dr. Bruce Fogle, the well-known author and …

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