Is it illegal in the UK to stop cats from hunting?

Indoor live enriched for domestic cats where they can express natural behaviors as per the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and the five freedoms

The title is provocative. It’s meant to be as I want to provoke some questions. An article on the Catster website by Dr. Karyn got me thinking (thank you). She advocates keeping cats indoors full-time but she is aware that you need to make the environment inside the home suitable for a cat to …

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Dog-walker captured on doorbell videocam giving cat a fatal kick

Elderly man wantonly attacks elderly cat in the street in plain sight

NEWS AND COMMENT: The video is difficult to watch, of course. I’ve watched it very briefly because I have to in order to write this article. The elderly man appears to have acted aggressively in the video as indicated by the way he puts on his dog’s collar. The dog approaches him with his …

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Animal welfare laws don’t apply to the INBREEDING of purebred dogs and cats which causes harm

Inbreeding of purebred cats can cause unnecessary suffering during their lives

It seems to me that animal welfare laws which are usually under statute (an ‘act’) don’t apply to dog and cat breeders or any other breeders for that matter in respect of an important aspect of their work: inbreeding. But they should. Perhaps I’ve got this wrong but I don’t recall any dog or …

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Pet caregiver’s responsibility to deliver on 5 welfare needs

5 needs to be met by cat caregivers

Ben the Vet on TikTok has nicely reminded me about the five basic animal welfare needs as demanded by the UK’s Animal Welfare Act 2006. This is a really nice piece of legislation which I think should be admired throughout the world. Not only is it good animal law, it is so good that …

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Animal Welfare Act 2006 – verbatim plus notes

Law - Animal welfare laws are essential to all countries on this planet. And they must be enforced efficiently and with commitment

Parts of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 are reproduced here. The Crown has waived copyright on legislation, which allows me to do this. Where appropriate some pages of the website are linked to this page to help explain some legal topics. This statute on animal welfare is probably one of the best animal welfare …

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Threats of a £20,000 fine and jail if cat and dog owners put their pets on a vegetarian diet

Vegetarian cat food

UK – NEWS AND COMMENT: The Daily Mail is reporting on a story which I find a bit extreme. They say that the Blue Cross charity are reminding dog owners (we have to include cat owners as well) that if they feed their dog a vegetarian diet because of their beliefs, they could be …

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Widow can’t have a cat because her neighbour admitted to killing her last cat

NEWS AND VIEWS: Shirley Gear-Evans, 65, a widow of Adber, near Sherborne in Dorset, UK, said that she can’t have another cat because her neighbour admittedly drowned her cat, Ruby, in a water butt. Her neighbour is Richard Giles, 69, a gardener. He claimed that Shirley’s cat kept on digging up his vegetables. Mr …

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Kind woman in China wants to make a coat for a cold feral cat

Woman in China wants to make a coat for a feral cat

NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT): A kind woman was filmed by another woman apparently measuring up a feral cat so that she could make a coat for the animal in preparation for a cold winter. It indicated that there are many people in China who are animal advocates. They are concerned about animal welfare and …

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