Domestic cat with no reproductive organs (a world first?)

Hope a rescue cat with no reproductive organs

A domestic cat with no reproductive organs (a world first?) has popped up. This charming cat who looks female has been described as ‘gender neutral’ but reproductive organs are not the sole measure of gender. True or false? The Telegraph have a headline about a “gender-neutral” cat born with “no sexual organs”. I don’t …

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Why do many domestic cats have white ‘socks’ on their paws?

Tabby cat with white socks

To get straight to the point the reason why domestic cats often have white socks is because during the early centuries of cat domestication people liked to see rare tabby cats with white fur on their paws so they made sure there were more. Today they are called tabby-and-white cats. They are not a …

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Modern day version of how domestic cats spread throughout the world?

This is a cute, loving cat story and to me it brings to mind the spread of the domestic cat many hundreds of years ago from the Middle East, and subsequently other countries, to all corners of the globe. A ginger, tabby and white female cat, who was pregnant, was probably seeking a den …

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Pictures: a Russian tabby, a British tortoiseshell, a flame Siamese and a worn scratching post

Here are four photos. I have collected them over the past couple of weeks. I thought I’d bundle them together and publish them. The first photograph above is by Elena Shumilova who lives in Russia. She takes wonderful photos. For me they are a bit too engineered and slushy but they are superb. This …

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