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Inbreeding depression

Inbreeding depression cause and effect

“Inbreeding depression” is a euphemism for a general lack of health in an individual purebred cat which has been selectively bred (using artificial selection) for appearance, which automatically incorporates inbreeding. Cat breeders often have...

Are Persian Cats Healthy? I am afraid not.

Persian Cat Breeding

Through Persian cat selective breeding the appearance of the cat that you know (probably the extreme Persian look) has been altered over a period of time (substantially over the last 30-40 years) resulting in...

Selective breeding clipart

2 reasons why cats are selectively bred

The two reasons why domestic cats are selectively bred, primarily by cat breeders, is to create cats with a certain appearance and secondarily cats with a certain character. Selective breeding is the opposite to...

Tawny a dilute torbie cat

What is a dilute coat color in cats?

The term ‘dilute’ refers to the weakening of the colours of a cat’s coat as if watered down. The colours are paler. Cat breeders can deliberately create this colour by selective breeding of pedigree...

Thanos cat

Picture of Thanos Cat

This is a picture of Thanos Cat. Thanos is a fictional supervillain from Marvel Comics who has fabulous powers but who is defeated by the Avengers. Or something like that. This strange looking cat...

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