The Tip of a Cat’s Nose

This is a discussion about the tip of the cat’s nose and a follow up to my page on a condition called “Bengal Nose”. The tip of a cat’s nose is a triangle of skin and is made up of nostrils, the nasal plane (planum nasale) and the philtrum (a groove). This area is …

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Is there a new cat breed coming out next year?

Is there a new cat breed coming out next year? This is an actual question I have been asked by a cat lover. Though what true cat lover would think of a cat as a fashion item with a new style each year? Was she collecting new breeds like other people collect stamps? Admittedly I …

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“Active Cat” – Inherited, Learned or Stimulated?

Is there such a thing as an active cat breed? Can you group cats into active and inactive? I am not sure that you can. Although cat breed personality descriptions are notoriously variable, vague and imprecise, the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) describes some of its registered breeds as “active” or “energetic”. Some people prefer …

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Fear can be passed to offspring in their genes

A study found that mice which were made to fear a certain smell could pass that particular fear to their offspring in their DNA and their offspring could do likewise¹. This is about animals and humans being hardwired to fear something without ever having experienced that fear or its cause before. It is all …

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The Siamese cat has the most genetically inherited illnesses

By Sarah Hartwell When cats are bred for appearance, disease-causing genes risk being overlooked until the gene becomes sufficiently widespread that numerous cases of the genetic ailment appear in that breed. There are a number of factors involved: THE FOUNDER EFFECT: if one or more of the foundation cats has a genetic problem, this …

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