The genetic reason why cats can’t taste sweetness

The genetic reason why cats can't taste sweetness is explained here

This is about the science – which is about the genetics of all the cat species – behind the failure of cats to detect sweetness in their food. We know that cats can’t detect the taste of sweetness in their food but what happened? It is a bit strange when you think about it …

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Savoury umami taste of tuna is why cats love it

Cat enjoys canned tuna because of the umami taste

Domestic cats have the required ‘umami’ taste receptors on their tongues to respond well to an enzyme called inosine monophosphate and an amino acid called free L-Histidine which combine to produce a strong umami taste. Cats enjoy these taste receptors thanks to the inheritance of Tas1r1-Tas1r3 genes. The umami taste is described as the …

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How sensitive is a cat’s sense of taste?

Domestic cat's sensitivity to four basic tastes

A domestic cat’s sense of taste is not quite as good as ours which is reassuring because in many respects the domestic cat’s senses are superior to ours. However, as you might know, they have difficulty in tasting sweetness. Like us, the domestic cat responds to 4 basic tastes: sour bitter salt and sweet. …

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14 benefits to cats through the use of their tongue

Cat tongue

The feline tongue is a wonderous element of their anatomy. It can achieve a lot, thanks in part to the backward facing papillae made of keratin attached to the upper surface. These spines do a lot. Here is a list of 13 benefits to the cat when using their tongue. RELATED: 2 different types …

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2 different types of backward facing papillae on the domestic cat’s tongue

Cat's tongue showing backward facing papillae of 2 types

I confess that I’m confused. I have made the common-sense deduction that there are 2 different types of backward facing papillae on the domestic cat’s tongue. I have come to this conclusion for the following reasons. There are many photographs of the papillae on the cat’s tongue on the Internet. These are well-known images. …

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