Clouded leopard is inbred due to human activity jeopardising its survival in the wild

Clouded leopard kittens

NEWS AND OPINION: This is a typical story of the decline of a wild cat species. In this instance, it’s the clouded leopard with its magnificent coat so treasured, so precious, so beautiful which has added to its persecution through human activity. All the extinctions of the wild cat species come back to human …

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Mountain lions fear humans which limits their use of space particularly for males

The mountain lion is scared of people and it affects their lives negatively

A report on a study on the Science Daily website tells us something that perhaps we should know and probably do know namely that mountain lions fear humans. They are not the only wild animal fearing humans. All the wild animals on the African continent which are not socialised to humans fear them. It’s …

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How long can a domestic cat survive without food OR without water?

How long can cats survive on food only or water only?

This is a commonly asked question and I’ve not yet seen a really good answer. When you ask how long a domestic cat can survive without food you are presuming that the cat has access to water and therefore you are asking for how long a cat can survive on water only. Technically, the …

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Forget about building a catio, build a nuclear shelter instead!

Nuclear war started by Putin and Kim Yong-un

There are thousands of pet websites on the Internet. Perhaps millions. And they tend to create a pink, beautiful world of pets, providing advice about cat behaviour and cat products. That’s fine. That’s all well and good and the catio is a good idea too because it allows full-time indoor cats to explore in …

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Amazing and heartwarming before and after pictures of a rescued cat

This is a "before and after" montage of a cat that was rescued from the street and then looked after. You can see the stark difference

I do not think that you will see a better before and after couple of pictures of a cat that was rescued from the street and then adopted by the rescuer. These events happen sometimes and as we can see in this montage, the cat was in a terribly messy way which must have …

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Can domestic cats survive outside? Lady Godiva did.

Despite Lady Godiva's grumpy expression, the shelter says she's so sweet. Photo by Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter

This is a poorly formulated question in my opinion by many people carrying out an Internet search using Google. What they mean is can a domestic cat survive outside without the intervention of a human caretaker? Or to put it another way, can a domestic cat leave their home and live in the wild …

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