White domestic cats often make bad mothers

Deaf white cats

The title sounds unfair and biased but it isn’t as it is based in biological fact. The prevalence of deafness in pure white domestic cats varies depending on whether they have two blue eyes (the highest proportion of deaf cats), odd-eye colour or non-blue eyes (least likely to be deaf in both ears). Where …

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Why do white cats get eye boogers, sunburned and white hair?

Jacqueline Fernandez with her white flat-faced Persian with tear duct overflow causing staining

There are three questions in the title. I will answer them in reverse order! Why do white cats have white fur? Cats which are completely white have a gene in their genetic makeup which is called the dominant white gene. It stops the development of cells in the skin that produce pigment. These cells …

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All-white, blue-eyed cats will usually go blind at an early age. True or false?

Male white British Longhair cat bred in Russia by the Golden Leris cattery

FALSE! All-white cats are prone to being deaf but not blind. It is inherited deafness. This seems to be due to the multiple effect of the dominant white (DW) gene which removes colour from the coat and eyes and causes deafness through a degeneration of the inner ear. An alternative reason: I have read …

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Do cats get sunburned? Yes, and skin cancer sometimes.

Fluff was sunburned and had to have his ear flaps removed due to skin cancer

Yes, cats do get sunburned sometimes. We see this quite a lot on the Internet and it is particularly relevant at the moment in many parts of the world where it’s very hot. The interesting aspect of domestic cats getting sunburned is that it almost exclusively occurs on the ears because they are sparsely …

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Colour changes in the eyes of an odd-eyed white cat

Ivory has odd eye color and they change in color

Ivory is a 10 year old, white, domestic shorthaired cat with odd-eye colour. Her right eye is gold coloured and her left eye is yellow-green coloured. Her owner, Gabriela Carvalho, 28, a nursing student, adopted Ivory from the same rescue centre that she adopted her former cat from, whose name was Luna. Luna died …

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What causes the range of eye colors in cats?

Atlas a Siamese Mix with calico coat and sparkling blue eyes

The total amount of melanin (pigment) in the iris of the eye determines the range of eye colours in cats and in humans. The same principles apply to all animals with a similar eye anatomy. The pigment ‘melanin’ is produced by cells called melanocytes. The amount of pigment produced and the way that melanocytes …

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Why are domestic cats white?

Deaf Fabulous White Maine Coon Show Cat

The question effectively asks why cats are white all over. It is because they have a dominant gene symbolised by the letter W which removes pigment from the hair strands. It does this by removing the pigment creating cells in the skin. These are called melanocytes. Genes are on chromosomes and chromosomes are in …

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