Bicolor cats infographic

Black and white bicolor Scottish Fold kitten from Russia (Siberia)

The infographic by me summarises information about bicolour cats. I hope you find it useful. There are image links to more pages on piebaldism and bicolour cats after the infographic.

Note: I am indebted to Sarah Hartwell of for her knowledge on piebaldism and the images in the middle of the infographic about grading. Other source: me and Gloria Stephens of Legacy of the Cat.

What kind of cat is Richard Kitty (on Instagram)?

Richard Kitty

Richard Kitty is one of the most popular Instagram cats. What is really nice about Richard is that he is a former shelter cat. He was rescued from a Los Angeles, California, USA, public shelter in 2012 when he was two-years-of-age, which makes him around 12-years-of-age as at the date of this post. His …

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Stunning beauty: extreme high grade 9 white spotting adopted feral cat

Adopted feral cat is a real beauty

Yes, the title is complicated. Deliberately so to catch the eye as does the cat who was adopted as a feral kitten. She grew up to be a genuine beauty: totally white except for a black plumed tail, all on a silky medium-longhair coat. I guess the woman who adopted her saw the beauty …

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What causes the range of eye colors in cats?

Atlas a Siamese Mix with calico coat and sparkling blue eyes

The total amount of melanin (pigment) in the iris of the eye determines the range of eye colours in cats and in humans. The same principles apply to all animals with a similar eye anatomy. The pigment ‘melanin’ is produced by cells called melanocytes. The amount of pigment produced and the way that melanocytes …

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Why are domestic cats white?

Deaf Fabulous White Maine Coon Show Cat

The question effectively asks why cats are white all over. It is because they have a dominant gene symbolised by the letter W which removes pigment from the hair strands. It does this by removing the pigment creating cells in the skin. These are called melanocytes. Genes are on chromosomes and chromosomes are in …

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