How a centenarian adopted a rescue cat and the tears of joy that followed

Gillian and Marley

This is a beautiful photograph of a 103 year old lady, Lillian Grant, and her nine-year-old rescue cat. They became friends immediately on meeting and have been inseparable ever since. About a year ago, Lillian Grant lost her beloved cat Sammy. His passing left her brokenhearted. She was asked by the administrator, Debbie Presland, …

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Giving senior people in nursing homes the chance to cuddle senior cats

Elderly cats with elderly people

This is a great idea and these are lovely pictures. People in nursing homes don’t have a chance to look after a cat. They may well have given up their cat when they went into the nursing home. The Ohio Alleycat Resource Shelter came up with this excellent initiative, to visit nursing homes with …

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PETA has a heart and senior lady cries with joy at her cat’s recovery


Sometimes PETA gives us the impression that they are too tough and uncompromising on animal rights – e.g. their attitude towards feral cats. They almost present to the world a profile of being a tough, business orientated organisation. Perhaps you have to be like that because you have to fight fire with fire. However, …

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Benefits Of Enduring Memory Of Lost Pets For Dementia Sufferers

Memory loss is one of the well-known symptoms of dementia. Janine Valentine, a nurse consultant for dementia and the elderly at Yeovil Hospital in the UK, has discovered that one of the enduring memories of dementia patient is of their deceased pet or a pet they once cared for. My immediate thought about this …

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Are cats more beneficial to our health than dogs?

By Jo Singer Those of us who live with felines are already keenly aware of the health benefits we get from sharing our homes and hearts with companion cats. Backing up this statement is the fascinating results of the second scientific study made at the University of Minnesota Stroke Research center published in the …

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Siamese cat adopts twin sister of deceased former caretaker

By Jan Plant Last month my dear friend and room mate passed away leaving behind her beloved Siamese kitty, Whisky, who Linda raised on a bottle. Whisky is now almost 8 years old. Whisky has never been friendly towards anyone and has been known to attack and bite!!! After Linda’s passing I was concerned …

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