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Dribbling drooling cat

Cat drooling – full exposition

This page has been checked, refreshed, added-to and republished as at January 15, 2022. It was first published about 13 years earlier. The technical term for a cat drooling is hypersalivation. There is too...

20 facts about feline hyperthyroidism

Here are some interesting facts about feline hyperthyroidism. What interests me particularly is the increased risk of developing the condition due to exposure to certain chemicals and the fact that full-time indoor cats are...

Itchy cat scatching herself

Why do cats scratch themselves?

Domestic cat scratch themselves for the same reason that we scratch ourselves: to relieve an itch. Before I explain some reasons for itchiness in domestic cats there are two aspects which are noteworthy, (1)...

In America, and injured cat outside may hide to avoid a predator such as the coyote. There are numerous instances of coyotes attacking, killing and eating domestic and feral cats in America. Photo: Public domain.

Is it true that cats go away to die?

I have to say that the question is poorly formulated. There is an element of truth about it but it’s formulation misleads. The question should be, “Is it true that cats find a place...

Haw (cat)

Haw (cat)

The haw is a part of the feline anatomy. Its other names are nictitating membrane or third eyelid. It is conspicuous when the cat is ill because the fatty absorber pads have shrunk causing the haws to move across the corneal surface. They cover half the eye under these circumstances. They return to the corner of the eye when the cat recovers.

Charlie my cat

Why Is My Cat Trembling?

I think that we have to distinguish between tremors and trembling. In layman’s language, trembling can also mean shivering. Shivering may indicate a fever. Also, you may see cats shivering or trembling when, for...

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