Indicators for a vitamin B6 dietary supplement in domestic cats

Vitamin B6 deficiency may be present in sick and/or elderly domestic cat according to a study.

Our study supports that vitamin B6 dietary supplementation may be indicated in junior to adult animals diagnosed with an infectious, chronic, or acute condition or healthy cats with body weight ranging from optimal to overweight. In older cats, even if healthy, underweight to optimal cats appear to be at risk of vitamin B6 deficiency. …

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Cat Pain Detector assesses portrait photo. Available now.

Cat Pain Detector by careology

This is available right now online using a laptop. I’ve just used it. I used a photo of a Bengal cat that I had on file. He is not my cat. This cat looks healthy and not in pain. In fact, he is a rescue cat who’s been at a shelter for 12 months …

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Cat drooling – full exposition

Dribbling drooling cat

This page has been checked, refreshed, added-to and republished as at January 15, 2022. It was first published about 13 years earlier. The technical term for a cat drooling is hypersalivation. There is too much saliva. Healthy dogs drool. Healthy cats don’t drool although they might on occasion drool with delight! Here are some …

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20 facts about feline hyperthyroidism

Here are some interesting facts about feline hyperthyroidism. What interests me particularly is the increased risk of developing the condition due to exposure to certain chemicals and the fact that full-time indoor cats are at increased risk. I have always felt that there are too many odourless yet poisonous chemicals inside the home in …

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Why do cats scratch themselves?

Itchy cat scatching herself

Domestic cat scratch themselves for the same reason that we scratch ourselves: to relieve an itch. Before I explain some reasons for itchiness in domestic cats there are two aspects which are noteworthy, (1) cats sometime scratch themselves far too much because they don’t rationalise the fact that they are hurting themselves with their …

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3 diabetic cats cured with an exclusive wet cat food diet

I am not a veterinarian so rather than discussing in detail the causes and cures of type II diabetes in domestic cats, I have decided to tell 3 stories about 3 cats. The stories come from Elizabeth Hodgkins’ book, Your Cat, which is essentially about dry cat food and how it can gradually cause …

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Long beach’s animal shelter task force wants to know what “treatable animal” means

Long Beach Animal Care Services

Long Beach want to improve their animal shelter. They want to save more lives and have devised a new model which they call Compassion Saves. The city council voted 8-0 on Tuesday in favour of this model. It is intended to give the city’s animal care services a new direction which includes greater transparency …

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