Cat cut in two at Montparnasse station (Paris): railway company SNCF sued

Neko was the victim of the indifference of SNCF agents and died crushed by a train.

This cat news story has two aspects. Firstly, it concerns the violent death of a domestic cat travelling on a train with their owner. The cat escaped from their carrier while the train was at Montparnasse station and went on to the tracks. The railway company, SNCF, is accused of refusing to do what …

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Taking your Savannah cat (and any domestic cat) from the USA to the UK

Pet health certificate

I’ve been asked to look into how you can take your Savannah cat with you to the UK from the USA. This will apply to any domestic cat. The Savannah cat in question is an F3 but this is irrelevant in this instance. Note: In the UK, F2, F3 and F4 Savannah cats are …

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Mississippi transports away to the north-east irresponsible pet ownership

Three unwanted cats from the south ending up north

Annually, Mississippi exports, by transporting them away, hundreds of unwanted cats and dogs to the north-east were there is a higher demand because of low supply. There is a low supply in the north-east because the area has a more enlightened approach to pet ownership. If a state like Mississippi transports to the north-east …

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