Taking your Savannah cat (and any domestic cat) from the USA to the UK

Pet health certificate

I’ve been asked to look into how you can take your Savannah cat with you to the UK from the USA. This will apply to any domestic cat. The Savannah cat in question is an F3 but this is irrelevant in this instance. Note: In the UK, F2, F3 and F4 Savannah cats are …

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Relaxation of rules taking animals from Ukraine into adjacent and EU countries (March 2022)

PETA Germany at Ukraine Border Feb 2022

There is no need for refugees to abandon their companion animals when leaving Ukraine. We know that many Ukrainian women are fleeing with their companion animals and their children. They make their way to adjacent countries like Poland, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. They struggle to get to these borders often carrying a cat or …

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How much for an animal health certificate (AHC)?

AHC - Animal health certificate

An animal health certificate (AHC) is now required in the UK in place of the pet passport to take cats and dogs to the EU and it costs £93.50p. Now that the United Kingdom has definitively left the European Union, from 1 January 2021, taking a pet abroad is more expensive than when the …

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Should I take my cat with me on vacation?

Cat on a trek in snow

Domestic cats form strong attachments to both the people they live with and the place where they live. Dogs, on the other hand, become strongly attached to their human guardian, other dogs and the place where they live comes last. Dogs have characters better suited to travel than cats. Between cats and dogs it …

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