Game bird shooter complains that cats and dogs are killing birds

Dog harassing birds

Jack Bell has written a lengthy article on the Shooting UK website. He obviously works in the game bird industry. In other words, he works in the business of shooting thousands upon thousands of birds for entertainment and pleasure. To any animal lover this sport is objectionable. And in this highly ironic article he …

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Domestic cats don’t cause bird populations to decline says the RSPB

An ultrasonic cat deterrent recommended by the RSPB

The RSPB say that domestic cats do not cause bird populations to decline. A bold statement that requires serious consideration. I remember addressing this issue a dozen years ago when the RSPB said the same thing then. For those who are unsure, the RSPB is the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. It …

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Noticeable, brightly coloured, cat collar protects birds from cat predation (47 – 54% reduction)

There is a product on the market called Birdsbesafe®. They are fluffy cat collars in very bright colours. They are deliberately bright because songbirds see bright colours especially well. You can immediately understand the idea. The cat stalks a bird. The movement of his collar is picked up by the bird. The bird flies …

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Cats in German town under strict lockdown to save crested larks

Crested lark

COMMENT AND NEWS-WALLDORF, SOUTHWESTERN, GERMANY: The environmental officers of this German town have banned domestic cats from roaming free in an effort to stop them preying upon and eating crested larks during their breeding season. They said that their order would remain in force until September. People in breaches of the order would face …

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Targeted domestic cat confinement a better solution to protecting wildlife

Outdoor cat caught a mouse

Usually, the discussion about protecting wildlife from predation by domestic cats is binary: either you confine them to the home or you allow them to be free-roaming. A lot of people think domestic cat should be allowed to roam freely in the interests of their cat’s health. People generally prioritise their cat companion’s health …

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Major bird conservation organisation, BirdLife International, puts impact of cats in perspective

Cat looking at bird outside

BirdLife International report states that threats to birds are of ‘humanity’s making’. BirdLife International is the largest international partnership for nature conservation. They are a go-to organisation to understand the status of birds on the planet in respect of their conservation and decline in numbers. As one of 15 different non-native species, the contribution …

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Do this to slash bird deaths at a stroke (no cats involved)

Chicago Field Museum

If you want to slash bird deaths at a stroke then turn the lights off at night in city buildings. Ornithologists and bird lovers have long criticised the domestic, stray and feral cat for decimating bird numbers across the planet. They lobby governments to do all manner of things to stop this happening, some …

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