Road traffic stopped in deference to magnificent, sauntering tiger

Traffic stops on main road in Maharashtra to let tiger cross

The manual traffic lights signal green for Bengal tiger to cross the main road. The tweet by Parveen Kaswan, a wildlife officer in India, explains it all. It is a very nice video of a magnificent tiger crossing the main road in what is believed to be Maharashtra. An official at opposite sides of …

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How do tigers react to humans?

Tiger in a reserve in India

I think that you have to answer the question in the title in the context of the circumstances. I’m thinking of tigers in the wild and in captivity. However, the underlying factor which dictates how tigers react to humans is their character. In regards to the human-tiger relationship, tigers prefer to avoid people and …

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Man-eating tigers in India 2020

There are man-eating tigers in India in 20201. This doesn’t surprise me seeing as the population of India has climbed from 238 million in 1900 to 1.4 billion in 2020 despite a massive decline in the tiger population in that country over the same period. In 1900 it is believed that there were 100,000 …

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Why do tigers attack humans?

Tiger walking down country track after a group of women in India's Ranthambhore national park

There are two main reasons why tigers attack humans, (1) they are probably injured or infirm and have to rely on easy prey and (2) humans and tigers are being forced together because of increased human population and therefore there is human-tiger conflict. It could be argued that there is no place for the …

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Tiger crosses 4-lane highway in Central India

Tiger crosses four-lane highway in India

“Instead of expecting tigers to be cautious. Isn’t it logical that authorities must be cautious while planning roads and mitigation measures? – National Tiger ConVersation Authority (NTCA) In America, sometimes a stray cat crosses the freeway. Sometimes a kitten is somehow stuck in the middle of a freeway and rescued (great work by the …

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Man Versus Man-eaters

There are some smart and innovative ways for Indians to protect themselves from being eaten by tigers in the Sundarbans, which is a sprawling 10,000 square kilometre delta and mangrove swamp at the mouth of the rivers Ganges and Brahmaptura where they flow into the Bay of Bengal. Incidentally the rise in sea level …

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A large leopard clashes with people in a city in India

The two big cats of India, leopard and tiger, have no where to go. They are increasing coming into conflict with people. To see a large leopard wandering through the streets of a city in India looks crazy and it drives the people crazy. Although I have seen men showing off in trying to …

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