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Carnassial teeth

Do cats masticate?

Do cats masticate? No they don’t. They shear the flesh with carnassial teeth which are modified molars at the back of the mouth.

How Many Sets of Teeth Do Cats Have?

The cat has two sets of teeth during its lifetime. The 26 deciduous teeth (baby, milk, or kitten teeth) begin to erupt when kittens are about 21 days old (incisors) and are fully erupted...

Cats baby tooth retained causing two sets of teeth

Cat baby teeth

Kittens are born without teeth. The first baby teeth to appear are the incisors. This usually occurs at 2 to 3 weeks of age. The appearance of the incisors is followed by the canine...

Cat Teeth

This page simply sets out, as clearly as possible, information about cat’s teeth. We are all very aware of a cat’s teeth whether they belong to one of the big cats or one of...

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