Thanks a lot for your donation towards the running costs of PoC


Just so you know, paying myself a below minimum wage of $10 per hour my net loss per day on the website is about $50. Receiving small donations helps to limit the loses. Once again thanks for your generosity. It genuinely helps. In addition to the running costs PoC has given thousands of dollars …

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ASPCA, HSUS and Best Friends criticised for how they spend their wealth

3 top USA animal charities criticised for how they spend their wealth

Three major American animal welfare charities have been criticised on how they spend their money. These charities are the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Best Friends Animal Society (Best Friends). Criticism The criticism is that the proportion of donations that …

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Amazon are terminating Amazon Smile, their charitable donation program. The reason why.

Amazon Smile ceases in late Feb 2023

Amazon Smile raised $500 million for charities elected by customers over its lifetime of 10 years. A small percentage of the sale price was given to charity by Amazon. It did not increase the sale price of the goods purchased. Amazon say that the charity was spread too thinly, “[the] program has not grown …

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Five cents to animal charity for every comment throughout October 2020

PoC comment scheme

I want to restart a scheme that I ran a long time ago. Every comment that a visitor makes is worth five cents to an animal charity. The total will be added up at the end of October. The person who makes the best comment (as judged by me can) decides which charity is …

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America: charitable donations to companion animals are much higher than to farm animals

Artificial meat

I wanted to write something about charitable donations. Do you know why? It’s because the keyword “donations” is a good one if you want to increase advertising revenue. I’m trying to increase advertising revenue on PoC and in doing so I discovered something which is perhaps slightly disturbing but at the same time to …

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Is the typical North American animal rescue in hock to their vets for thousands of dollars?

Sibling sisters abandoned outside a rescue center

A sadly typical case of unwanted domestic cat abandonment shines a light on the debt that some animal rescues owe to the veterinary clinic which provides a service to them. It triggered a question in my mind. Are many animal rescue centres in debt to their vets in quite large sums of money? It …

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American communities step up to help animal shelters but the future is precarious

Coronavrius animal shelter bubble

ANIMAL SHELTERS USA – CORONAVIRUS EFFECT – OPINION: There is a clear message emanating from the Internet about animal shelters in America and there are two aspects to it. One is positive and one is negative. During the coronavirus pandemic, animal shelters have changed the way they operate. Or they have closed due to …

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The uncertain future of New York City’s cats during pandemic

Lisa Scroggins, the founder of Little Wanderers, a rescue organisation under pressure, but remaining successful during the coronavirus pandemic in New York City, is nervous about the future of feral and indeed domestic cats in the city. She said that climbing unemployment rates are affecting the prospects for domestic cats in homes, never mind …

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