Kind acts like volunteering for an animal charity beats therapy for depression

Doing kind acts can reduce depression

Depression or just feeling down is not uncommon. It’s part of life. We need to accept it and enjoy the moments when we feel livelier and happier. But if you’ve ever felt blue and I’m sure pretty well everyone reading this has at some stage, the secret to boosting your mood is to do …

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Man pays adoption fees for five hard-to-adopt rescue cats

Scott Dye who loves cats has paid the adoption fees for five other people adopting from the Second Chance Companions rescue center in SW Washington and the Portland Metro area and the fees were for difficult to rehome cats such as elderly black cats or cats with disabilities. He got the idea from stories …

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Celebrity Cat, Lil BUB, Donates Tens of Thousands of Dollars to Needy Pets

Lil Bub Fund

This is a fabulous story and it turns the celebrity cat phenomenon into something incredibly positive and I love it. It is what celebrity cats are for or should be for and Mike Bridavsky, Lil BUB’s owner, should be very proud himself for making arrangements with the ASPCA to create Lil BUB’s Big FUND …

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Mince Pies At Marion’s

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra Barbara and I were invited to a ‘Mince Pies at Marion’s’ drop in yesterday, so we went along as we had some cat food and bedding to go there too. Steven (Marion’s husband) usually kindly calls for the stuff we have for Cats Protection cats so it was nice to …

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