What is the difference between a cat owner and a dog owner?

What is the difference between a cat owner and a dog owner? A complex question to which a simple answer cannot be provided.

I’ve got some personal views about this. We’ve got to be careful not to stereotype people; pigeonhole them into one bracket or category for the simple reason that the answer to the question in the title is not black and white. There is a spectrum of personality types providing care for their cats and …

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Ballooning dog and cat ownership goes BANG and into reverse in the UK

Ballooning cat and dog ownership during Covid goes POP due to costs of caregiving

Ballooning dog and cat ownership (primarily dog ownership) in the UK has gone POP and is now going in reverse with rehoming centres bursting as puppy love turns to heartbreak mainly because of ‘dogflation’ and a post-Covid reality. Here are some facts about the changing landscape of dog and cat ownership in the UK …

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Owners care more about their dogs than their cats (new survey)

Cat and dog and owner

REPORTING ON A STUDY TOGETHER WITH MY OPINION: For a long time, I have known that, in general, owners care more about their dogs than their cats. This is apparent because people spend more money on veterinary treatment for dogs and cats. And the difference is quite marked. This study confirms what I’d thought …

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Can a person who doesn’t like cats ever love one? How can they learn to love cats?

Learning to like cats when you are a confirmed dog lover

The answer to the first question in the title (plucked from social media) must be an unequivocal, yes. Over the years that I have been managing this website, I have bumped into many instances of “dog people” and people who frankly disliked cats, falling in love with a cat that they ultimately adopted perhaps …

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One quarter of all the world’s dogs are human companions in homes while three quarters are free-ranging or feral

In the idea of free ranging dogs a good one?

On the Psychology Today website Dr. Marc Bekoff introduces his article by saying that there are 1 billion dogs on the planet and 25% of them are living in homes with companions. The remaining 75% are free ranging or feral. Simple mathematics tells us that there are 750 million dogs on the planet without …

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Puppy stolen by armed intruder reunited with owners in 24 hours – infographic plots course of events

Dog theft caught on CCTV

I decided to tell the bare bones of this story in a picture, an infographic, because I think it leads itself to that kind of presentation. It is an interesting and unusual story as only one in four stolen dogs are reunited with their owners in the UK. Many other dogs are not so …

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Ohio cop’s shooting of a golden retriever who approached him calls into question the police vetting process

The moment Dixie is shot by Officer Palmer

NEWS AND VIEWS-LORAIN, OHIO, USA: I have watched the relevant section of this viral video currently being extensively reported by the news media and I have come to the inevitable conclusion that the Ohio police department’s vetting procedure when employing new police officers is inadequate. There is no question in my mind that the …

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Football manager brings dog to training ground and players love it. Discuss.

Arteta and 'Win'

The recent British football news is that the manager of Arsenal Football Club, Mikel Arteta, is bringing an employee’s chocolate Labrador to the training ground to improve the mood and lower the stress levels. He realised that the appropriately named dog (Win) would help them win. As it happens the team is ‘bottling it’ …

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