Yanks versus Brits. Inside cats versus outside cats. Who is correct?

A one-size-fits-all directive which dogmatically states that all cats should live indoors or conversely be allowed to roam outside freely is not the best way as decisions should be tailored to each set of circumstances in the best interests of … please continue reading

Normal for cat owners to feel guilty about not letting their cat outdoors

Dr Bruce Fogle, the well-known veterinarian and author, says: “Judging by what people tell me when they bring their cat to the clinic, it’s pretty much normal for owners to feel guilty about not letting their felines outdoors….” He then … please continue reading

Some Outdoor Cat Facts

Here are some interesting cat facts relating to letting cats go outside or keeping them in. Traditionally, in the US, the preference was to let cats go outside. That has changed. In the UK the preference to let cats out … please continue reading

Indoor vs Outdoor Cat Illnesses And Accidents

By Elisa Black-Taylor This is a general comparison concerning health between indoor and outdoor cats, and I will include different, for lack of a better phrase, “bad things” each group is prone to. During this time of year – Thanksgiving … please continue reading