Rarely, cat litter made from corn can be contaminated with aflatoxins

Corn contaminated with aflatoxin

This is something which has been on the Internet for a while and which I have been slow to pick up on. Although I was reasonably prompt in picking up the possibility of aflatoxin contaminating dry cat food because there was a huge scare, indeed a scandal regarding dry cat food contaminated with this …

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Call center worker allegedly got 200-300 complaints daily on Hartz flea treatment killing pets

Hartz flea treatment is allegedly killing a huge number of pets

This is another highly disturbing story about killing cats and dogs. It is sad and morbidly fascinating that when you search Twitter for tweets on ‘killing cats’ these sorts of stories pop up. Often it is a crazy individual who takes pleasure in torturing and killing domestic cats allowed outdoors. In this instance if …

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5 reasons why Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter is potentially dangerous to cats and caregivers


On May 31, 2014, I wrote an article entitled “Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter: Reports It Is Dangerous“. Over about eight years that page has consistently done well in terms of visits. I think it kicked off a big Internet discussion about the product which has encouraged me to revisit it. I wrote several other …

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Purina Breeze cat litter can take on the smell of cat food from their poop and some cats eat it

I wrote about this in February (click this to read the page – opens new tab) and here is a live eaxmple of how this litter can be devastating to cat health. Purina also make a very fine powder litter which has caused no end of cat health problems it is alleged. “I am …

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Removing Cat Fleas from Carpets

Caution should be exercised when trying to eradicate fleas from carpets because some carpet treatments are toxic to cats. Vet’s say that prevention is probably more important than treating cats with fleas. There has to be an holistic approach and that starts with prevention. The carpet is a place where fleas can reside before …

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A warning about pet collars and cage confinement

I almost decided against writing this article for PoC because it tells of the tragic death of a crated dog. Then I got to thinking a bit. A lot of my cat loving friends also have dogs. Many run rescues, and it’s routine to “crate train” a dog before offering it for adoption. Cats …

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