Shooting cats as a form of euthanasia?

Under normal circumstances, is it possible to 'euthanize a feral cat with a .22 rifle?

This is a discussion about whether shooting cats as a type of euthanasia is humane or inhumane. Why am I discussing it? Because a lot of people shoot a lot of cats, primarily feral cats but sometimes domestic cats and stray cats. These are the world’s shooters. Most of them are in Australia (Oz). …

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Companion animal euthanasia is on the agenda due to advances in veterinary treatments

Last moments of a cat before euthanasia

NEWS AND COMMENT: In the UK, some veterinarians are questioning the judgement of cat and dog owners when it comes to a decision about when to euthanise their companion animal. It is one of the most difficult decisions to make. The timing of it is the difficult part. There are competing interests. And pet …

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Can animal shelters refuse animals?

Picture of cat in shelter like being in prison

Somebody asked the question whether animal shelters can refuse animals. The answer must depend on the type of animal shelter we are referring to. There are a wide range of animal shelters. Two types are the no-kill rescue animal shelter and the traditional, open admission shelter. Open admission The open admission shelter should not …

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Why do cats die with their eyes open?

Dr Karen Louis DVM MS

This is a difficult topic but questions are asked and I will try and answer them. Associated questions might be: Why do cats die with their tongue out? Why do cats die with their mouth open? The reason why cats die with their eyes open is because it takes active muscular effort to close …

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At a distance can you kill a feral cat humanely with a rifle?

You can’t guarantee killing a feral cat humanely with a rifle and in any case feral cat shooters such as Jim Stevenson don’t care. He shot at a feral cat four times and hit the cat’s stomach. There is first hand evidence to support this. Feral cat shooters and hunters consistently tell us that …

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What it is really like to have to euthanize shelter animals

Shelter worker Shannon

A cattery coordinator, Shannon Phillips (see above – the photo is by her), tells us what it is like for her to euthanize and make decisions about euthanizing cats and dogs on a daily basis. She admits that she has euthanized hundreds of cats and dogs. Having read her article I have the feeling …

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