Herman the Exotic Shorthair passed away 25.05.2019

Herman. The bug-eyed Exotic SH

Herman was the bug-eyed overbred Exotic Shorthair cat (a shorthaired Persian) who, due to his odd appearance, became one of those much heralded and celebrated online cat celebrities with many thousands of followers on Instagram and all the other social media sites that are popular. Herman was known for his big eyes and loving …

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Brilliant copper eyes of tabby Exotic Shorthair

Tabby Exotic Shorthair with brilliant copper eyes

I was looking for ‘strange cats’ on Pinterest and came across this tabby Exotic Shorthair with the most extraordinary copper-coloured eyes. If this was not a video I would have decided that this was an example of photo-editing because the colour is hardly believable. These bright copper eyes can only be the creation of …

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Pictures of cats: A chubby-cheeked bicolor Exotic Shorthair cat

Picture of a chubby-cheeked bicolor Exotic Shorthair cat

This is a very interesting looking Exotic Shorthair cat. The standout feature other than the classic flat-face is the extraordinarily large chubby cheeks. They remind me of the cheeks of Russian bred British Shorthair cats. Why are the cheeks of this cat so large and rounded? We have to read the breed standard to …

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Which breed makes the best house cat?

Clarence a Ragdoll cat

“House cat” means a domestic cat so the question is asking what’s the best domestic cat out of the cat breeds (purebred cats). These are selectively bred over many decades. They have a polished appearance distinct from each other breed. Of course, in asking which breed makes the best house cat, the question is …

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Exotic Shorthair and Persian are adorable in “US Mail Carrier Pup” and “UPS Pal” costumes.

Eric and Ollie mail delivery boys

This pair are a ginger tabby Exotic Shorthair whose name is Ollie and a smokey-white flat-faced Persian whose name is Eric. They are on Instagram. Their caretaker reassures the viewers by saying: “All dressed up for Halloween 😃 Please note – we ordered a size too big for them so they would be comfortable. …

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Picture of Ikiru – Exotic Shorthair cat celebrity

Ikiru - Exotic Shorthair celebrity on Instagram because his tongue sticks out

The coronavirus lockdown has improved the celebrity status of Ikiru, an Exotic Shorthair pointed cat with a sticky-out tongue and a very flat face. He has a good following on Instagram. Sadly, nearly all the Exotic Shorthair celebrity cats have something wrong with their anatomy due to breeding which makes them look interesting or …

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